Marquee Flooring

A solid wooden flooring when you walk into a marquee gives you that sense of quality and reassurance when you are in the middle of a field, showground or sports ground.

We manufacture a hard-board interlocking floor system to suit the entire range of the Traditional and aluminium frame marquees we supply. All boards are manufactured in 8ft x 2ft and 4ft x 2ft sections with a hardboard bearer system to join and lock the boards together quickly and easily to create that solid base to any marquee.

We can supply the boards in plain, lacquered or anti-slip finished surface to suit your requirements and also supply carpets in a choice of colours to give your marquee interior that perfect finish.

Grid Frame Flooring.

When your marquee is on uneven ground or you are looking at keeping your marquee erected for long periods of time then you may consider purchasing a grid frame flooring to provide a level surface to then lay your floor boards on the top.

The Grid Flooring also adapts to your aluminium frame to keep the frame and floor completely square and level.

We can supply the grid flooring in Galvanised Steel or Aluminium and adapt it suit all ranges of our Aluminium frames.

Other Flooring Options:

We can also help provide other flooring to suit your requirements including:

• Coconut Matting in a variety of colours and lengths
• Parquet Dance Floors
• Black & White Dance Floors
• Plain Coloured Dance Floors
• LED Dance Floors

Please ring and speak to one of our Sales Team for further assistance.

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Aluminium Frame Marquee Supplier
Aluminium Frame Marquee Supplier
Aluminium Frame Marquee Supplier
Aluminium Frame Marquee Supplier