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The cleaning process is in five stages.

1. The sheet is attached to a bar via clever little clips that don't damage the sheet. The roller at the top of the machine rotates and wraps the sheet around the top roller.

2. There are sensors that automate this process and measures the length of the sheet. The positioning rollers then move across and get the sheet ready to pass through the brushes.

3. The sheet passes between the two brushes. These revolve at 450rpm. The sheet is also being sprayed with hot soapy water. It collects in the space at the bottom of the machine until the whole sheet has passed through the brushes. Unlike other machines, it does not leave the sheet soaking in the dirty washing water.

4. This is where the machine excels. The sheet after passing through the brushes is drawn back up to the top roller. At this point, the soap stops and wax is sprayed onto the sheet. It then passes between two squeegees and has powerful fans that blow the water off the sheet. It then starts to weave its way around the heated rollers. These rollers are heated to around 60c. Further squeegees press the sheet onto the rollers which removes and remaining dampness. A side effect of this is it warms the sheet which helps fold it when it has finished and also seems to iron it!

5. When the sheet has fully passed through the wash cycle it is wrapped around the top roller.It then is lowered back down the front of the machine where it is folded onto a clean table. The sheet is then wrapped up, bagged and ready to use.


There is nothing more off-putting to potential clients or worrying to owners of a Marquee than a frame or traditional marquee that has been erected for a long time and it starts leaking, rattling and generally feeling sorry for itself due to the impact of the British weather on the PVC covers, interior linings, flooring and general frame and structure condition and security.

Crocker Brothers can offer a Full Service Package or a One Off Check and Service to Marquees that have been erected on a long term basis and need that care and attention to bring them back to their former glory.

We can repair or replace PVC covers, wash and repair interior linings, check and adjust the framework and structure of the marquee to help give your venue / workshop / temporary room that facelift it requires and you the confidence that it will withstand the winter months.

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Aluminium Frame Marquee Supplier
Aluminium Frame Marquee Supplier
Aluminium Frame Marquee Supplier